Freenas Warning 2

| February 29th, 2016

WARNING: Firmware version 5 does not match driver version 9 for /dev/mpr0. Please flash controller to P9 IT firmware.

External SAS card: LSI 9300-8e

  1. Downloaded first the installer from:
    The Installer: Installer_P9_for_FreeBSD
    Firmware and Bios: 9300_8e_Package_P9_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows
  2. To flash it, I moved the installed and the firmware and bios files to Freenas.

     Before flashing, I had to make sure the SAS controller is in IT mode by executing

    sas3flash -list

    I could see that : Firmware Product ID : 0x2221 (IT) So it’s on IT mode, otherwise I would have done it in UEFI shell

  3. Then executed the following:
    sas3flash -o -f SAS9300_8e_IT.bin -b mptsas3.rom

The firmware was updated. The problem I loaded the firmware 11 instead of 9. To fix this I had to do the following:

      1. I had to erase and reload everything. To erase:

        sas3flash -o -e 7

        Then I tried to load but it gave me this error: ERROR: Failed to get valid NVDATA image from File! Firmware Image Validation Failed!
        Can’t erase!!

      2. I had to run the installer under UEFI. so I downloaded the UEFI installer from here: Download Installer_P9_for_UEFI.
      3. Booted into UEFI shell.
      4. sas3flash.efi -list. Very Important to write down the whole SAS address since we will erase it.
      5. Started erasing(level 7):
sas3flash.efi -o -e 7
  1. Execute (in my case I needed SAS9300_8e version 9):

    sas3flash.efi -o -f SAS9300_8e_IT.bin -b mptsas3.rom
  2. Then added the SAS address by executing:

    sas3flash.efi -o -sasadd 500605b00b606470
  3. exit

    to reboot

Open the FreeNas web interface to check if the problem disappeared.