FreeNas warning 1

| February 29th, 2016

WARNING: Firmware version 19 does not match driver version 20 for /dev/mps0. Please flash controller to P20 IT firmware.

  1. Download the P20 firmware from
  2. Create a bootable drive using rufus ( copied all the files from the downloaded p20 firmware zip file. Copied only the content of the UEFI. Note: seems that the disk is not needed to be bootable since we are entering the UEFI built in shell.
  3. Get SAS address from LSI configuration utility on boot. Also can be found on a label inside the machine.
  4. Booted the machine into UEFI shell. mounted the flash disk by typing:

    then executed the command


  5. At the end it asked about the last 5 digits of the SAS controller, enter the address from step 3.
  6. exit

    to reboot

Open FreeNas to check if the warning is gone.