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Full Arcade Cabinet

| December 16th, 2022
An Arcade cabinet based on CoinOPs - Mame and Linux. Read more [...]

Arduino, LCD & buttons

| December 4th, 2019
Use push buttons to write on a 16x16 LCD screen with Arduino Follow the link below to see more details: Read more [...]

Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. It has a limitation for 3 month, but it can be automatically  renewed.

Follow the below steps to use let's encrypt certificate on a Lync server:

Search and open "Lync Server Deployment Wizard"

Once open, click on "Install or update Lync Server System"

Click on "Request, Install or Assign Certificates"

Delete the expired Certificate then click on "Request"

Next, then choose "Prepare the request now, but sent it later Read more [...]

bash: wp: command not found

| August 4th, 2017

After installing WP-CLI as in here:

executing wp gives the error:

bash: wp: command not found

For me the problem was that the system didn’t have the directory /usr/local/bin in the PATH, to add it:



export PATH


wp should work now if installed correctly

The article: