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access-list ACL-Guest extended permit ip object Guest_VLAN any
access-list ACL-Guest extended permit ip any object Guest_VLAN

class-map CM-THROTTLE-Guest
match access-list ACL-Guest

policy-map PM-THROTTLE
class CM-THROTTLE-Guest
police output 6000000 2000
police input 6000000 2000

service-policy PM-THROTTLE interface inside


#!/usr/bin/python import pexpect,sys,string,os,time,subprocess,getpass if len(sys.argv) !=2: print ("usage: backup [user@]hostname") else: input_data = sys.argv[1] data=input_data.split("@") switch_un = data[0] switch_ip = data[1] switch_pw1 = getpass.getpass("Enable Password:") switch_pw2 = getpass.getpass("Privilege Password:") basic_backup_directory = "/tmp/Network_Backups" print ("Please wait ...") try: try: child = pexpect.spawn('ssh %s@%s' % (switch_un, switch_ip)) child.timeout Read more [...]

FreeNas Warning 3

| March 12th, 2017
After flashing /dev/mpr0, another warning message regarding /dev/mpr1.   Listing all controller details: sas3flash -listall It brought up two different controllers, first one in IT firmware, and the second one in IR mode. I've already downloaded the Driver for my controller which included the IR firmware as well. File name I've downloaded is: Copied the file in the Firmware\SAS9311_8i_IR to my freeNas server. Then flashed it Read more [...]