Assign a new wildcard certificate for Lync Edge

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority. It has a limitation for 3 month, but it can be automatically¬† renewed.

Follow the below steps to use let’s encrypt certificate on a Lync server:

  1. Search and open “Lync Server Deployment Wizard”
  2. Once open, click on “Install or update Lync Server System”
  3. Click on “Request, Install or Assign Certificates”
  4. Delete the expired Certificate then click on “Request”
  5. Next, then choose “Prepare the request now, but sent it later …”
  6. Choose the name and path for the request file and click on next
  7. Choose a friendly name, such as *.domain.ext, then fill in the required details and click next until you get to the last step. Click on View and copy the generated request
  8. Go to and enter your email address (optional, but you get renewal alerts). Paste the request code on the right side. You can either choose DNS or HTML validation, I choose DNS. Accept the terms and click next
  9. Download the key for future renewals
  10. Add the DNS TXT records or upload the HTML verification files
  11.  After the verification is complete, click next and download the new issued certificate
  12. Rename the downloaded file extenstion to cer and get back to “Lync server Install or update Lync Server System”. Click on “import certificate”, choose the downloaded certificate and flow the wizard until the end
  13. Click on Assign, then choose the latest certificate and continue until the end
  14. Restart Lync services or the server and all should be fine