FreeNas Warning 3

| March 12th, 2017

WARNING: Firmware version 13 does not match driver version 12 for /dev/mpr1. Please flash controller to P12 IT firmware.

After flashing /dev/mpr0, another warning message regarding /dev/mpr1.


Listing all controller details:

sas3flash -listall

It brought up two different controllers, first one in IT firmware, and the second one in IR mode. I’ve already downloaded the Driver for my controller which included the IR firmware as well. File name I’ve downloaded is:

Copied the file in the Firmware\SAS9311_8i_IR to my freeNas server. Then flashed it with the following command:

sas3flash -c 1 -o -f SAS9311_8i_IR.bin -b mptsas3.rom

-c is the index of the controller

rebooted and no warning anymore